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Online poker - Players getting deprived

Articles that pay pal casino discusses the recent happenings in the fields of online gambling Specifically Online Poker as well as Online Bingo.

Players playing online poker in US are not getting their winnings as their money is getting seized by the government. Although playing online poker is still not declared as illegal in the country.

Pay Pal Casino: Role Of US Federal Govt. And DOJ

In the 2009 and 2010 the US federal government and the Department of Justice (DOJ) seized lots of money from internet payment processor and gambling site owners like BentonSports, EwalletXpress etc. Throughout these two years enough money was confiscated by these govt. bodies to have recovered half of the nation’s liabilities. But the question that arises is what is being done with the money that is confiscated by the US government? It is not returned to the players although playing online poker is not illegal by the rules. Even the websites for playing poker and the casinos on the internet that are associated with such processors are having to pay a large amount of dollars as fines for promoting in the United States and pay pal casino accepting player from the United states. The Feds stay mum when the question of the confiscated amount arises.

Internet poker players being robbed

Players are literally getting robbed off their winnings as their money is being confiscated by the govt. bodies. Reports of online payment processors are being confiscated by the Federal Govt. of U.S. and repeatedly it’s because of huge quantities of cash, all of which comes from the internet poker participants are coming every week. Actually each and every dime that is confiscated from one payment processor is money of pay pal casino the player. Since the money that is being confiscated is being done so from winnings and not from deposits, the gambling websites or the banks don’t loose anything. In the case of a processor’s account being freeze by the federal govt. they are unable to pay out the cash winnings to the players and furthermore the players don’t get it back from the Feds. But the banks handling these winnings operate illegally and hence they should bear the brunt of DOJ’s ire and not the players. Blackjack online

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